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About General Conference

General Conference is The United Methodist Church’s top legislative body and gathers every four years.

The 2016 General Conference took place May 10-20 at the Oregon Convention Center, Portland, Ore. Nine hundred and eighty-eight delegates from around the world set policy and direction for the church. Find more information at

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Wings of the Morning Aviation Ministry
Missionary pilot Gaston Ntambo is attending General Conference as a delegate for the North Katanga Conference, DR Congo.
Global Aids Fund
Facing Global AIDS
The United Methodist Global AIDS Fund is helping delegates, observers, and staff at General Conference 2012 put a face on the global impact of HIV and AIDS.
Commissioning Story and Video
40 New Persons in Mission Service
Voices of the worldwide Methodist family came together to bless and celebrate 40 persons being sent into the world as missionaries and deaconesses to witness to God’s love, mercy, and justice.
Bishop John R. Schol
A River of Mission Ministries in Tampa
General Conference celebrated the mission outreach of the church in a Sunday evening plenary highlighting 13 agencies, programs, and special initiatives.
Rally Highlights: Private Prison Detention
Coinciding with a rally to end increased detention-for-profit policies, UMW members descended on General Conference to declare Saturday, April 28, 2012 “United Methodist Women Day.”
We Have a River
Mission Musings blog: "That is how I think of mission: a rolling river coursing through the bloodstream of humanity and all creation."
Missionaries Tell their Stories
"Missionaries are the ligaments that provide the connections that draw other people and other parts of the church together," said the Rev. Skip Hodges.
Act of Repentance
Act of Repentance for Church's Past Wrongs
Missionary Donna Chatt Pewo prays that United Methodist repentance for past injustice to Native Americans will open doors for her ministry among Arapaho and Cheyenne children.
Tears and Other Acts of Repentance
At a dinner last night (April 26) hosted by the Native American Comprehensive plan, more than 50 people gathered from about 20 different tribal groups.
Why Are We Counting Firsts in 2012?
It is very difficult for white Americans of European descent to understand what life has been like for the first peoples in their own land.
Proposed 2016 Legislation (PDF) Proposed 2012 Legislation Photo Gallery

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