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List of Global Ministries Petitions


¶705    Administrative Order » General Provisions » General Agency and Connectional Table Membership
¶708    Administrative Order » General Provisions » Organization
¶710    Administrative Order » General Provisions » Membership Qualifications
¶713    Administrative Order » General Provisions » Election of General Secretaries of Program Agencies
¶¶1301-1312   Administrative Order » General Board of Global Ministries
¶1313  Administrative Order » General Board of Global Ministries » Mission Program Areas

¶1327  Administrative Order » General Board of Global Ministries » Health and Relief

Non Disciplinary Actions

Asian American Language Ministry
Korean Ministry Plan
National Plan for Hispanic/Latino Ministry
Pacific Islander Ministry Plan
Special Program on Substance Abuse and Related Violence
The United Methodist Committee on Deaf and Hard of Hearing Ministries

New Resolutions

Haiti Reconstruction and Development
United Methodist Implementation of the Standards Outlined in the United Nations’ Standard Rules and the Americans With Disabilities Act

Resolutions to Readopt

3067    “Support Reparations for African Americans”                                   p. 234
3143    “Guidelines for Cooperation in mission”                                           pp. 289-291

Resolutions to Delete

3002    “Compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act…”               p. 182
3003    “United Methodist Implementation of the ADA”                                pp. 182-186
3005    “Strengthening Inclusivity of Individuals with Print Handicaps”    pp. 187-188
3006    “Care for People Who Are Hard-of-Hearing”                                     p. 188
3007    “Closed Captioning”                                                                              p. 189
3008    “Communications Access for People Who Have Hearing…”       pp. 189-190
3102    “Plan of Support for Cooperative Ministry”                                         pp. 256-257
3103    “Cooperative Parish Ministry”                                                               pp. 257-258
3412    “Special Emphasis for Ministries within Major Urban Centers”    pp. 498-499
5038    “Opposition to USA Patriot Act to Violate Human Rights”               pp. 689-690
6049    “Haitian Asylum Seekers”                                                                     pp. 790-792
6070    “Call for Free Speech in Cuba”                                                            pp. 826-827

Resolutions to Revise

3009    “The Church and Deaf Ministries Steering Committee”                  pp. 190-192
3101    “National Cooperative Ministry Leadership”                                      p. 255
3105    “Facilitation of Cooperative Ministry Throughout the Church”         pp. 260-261
3241    “A Covenant to Care: Recognizing and Responding to…AIDS…  pp. 383-390
3243    “The Church and the Global HIV/AIDS Pandemic”                           pp. 391-397
3244    “United Methodist Global AIDS Fund Distribution”                           pp. 397-399
3304    “The Church and People with Mental, Physical, and/or…               pp. 427-431
3411    “Holy Boldness: Pathways to Transformation”                                  pp. 496-498
5001    “Taking Liberties: On the Stifling of Dissent”                                      pp. 641-644
6045    “United States-China Political Relations”                                           pp. 777-779
6051    “United States Role in Columbia”                                                        pp. 794-796
6122    “Prohibition of Arms Sales”                                                                    pp. 901-902


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