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Church and parents are encouraged to begin planning events for the annual National Drug Facts Week to help shatter myths about drugs and drug use.

About HadEnough

HadEnough is a dynamic movement of United Methodist young people, ages 13-25, who have had enough of alcohol and other drugs destroying lives, and who want to make a difference.

Launched by the United Methodist Special Program on Substance Abuse and Related Violence (SPSARV), HadEnough members raise awareness, educate themselves and others about substance abuse, and start ministries that reach out to young people affected by substance abuse and addiction.

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10 Jul 2013
SPSARV’s HadEnough Website Launched
Welcome to HadEnough's microsite! We invite you to explore our website and learn more about how you can join the movement.
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First-Time Teen Alcohol, Drug Use Spikes During Summer Months
10 Jul 2013
A new study from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health revealed that during idle summer days teens are more likely to try alcohol, cigarettes, and other drugs for the first time.
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