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Advance hope, love and healing around the world on November 27!

United Methodists will come together to support vital ministry projects and missionaries around the world on #GivingTuesday as they generously #GiveUMC.

Giving through The Advance empowers hundreds of dedicated project leaders and missionaries to share the love of Christ in meaningful, life-saving ways. As always, 100% of all giving will support the designated Advance ministry!

How will you #GiveUMC? Find a project you are passionate about and make a donation! 

Further support #GivingTuesday by inspiring others to #GiveUMC! Resources are available to build awareness of this day of generosity, such as social media graphics and a toolkit full of communication tips and fundraising ideas.

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Making an impact

Global Ministries, UMCOR and our partners come together to make a world of difference. See how you can advance hope, joy, love, healing and peace with them.

DisasterResponse.jpg  Disaster Response

Safeguarding Communities
In Mosul, Iraq, the Mines Advisory Group clears landmines, ensuring a safer future for those affected by previous local conflict.

Alleviating Suffering
Early Response Teams show signs of hope after disasters, helping to clean homes and share love in times of despair.
Hunger.jpg Hunger and Poverty

Sowing Seeds
In Palestine, over 3,000 women make a network of organic farmers who not only support their families but preserve traditional methods of food preparation.  
Global Mission Fellows

Educating Peacemakers

Global Mission Fellows are young adults who work to address injustice in marginalized communities. See how Fellows Arsene and Trisha are helping to educate a new generation of peacemakers in South Korea.

Transformative Communities
When Ken Cruz began serving in Cambodia, the thought he was called to change the people in the community. “The reality,” he says, “is you go there because God wants you to be changed –“

Celinne Mencias Photo.jpg Volunteers

Just in Time 
Celinee Mencias volunteered for three months in the town of Maua, Kenya, working to provide essential medical services to the community during a government doctors’ strike.

 Community_Development.jpg Community Development

Taking Root
A global partnership is improving the health, nutrition, water access, education and well-being of residents in an economically depressed area of the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

Evangelism and Church Growth

Rejuvenating A Community

When Jennifer Henneman's 80-year-old patient said, "You're helping to bring me back to live," Henneman knew she was fulfilling her calling. She's a nurse and Church and Community Worker, a dedicated group of missionaries who take the church into the community and bring the community into the church. 
Asunta Abuk..jpg Education

A Strong Investment
Sometimes the barriers to education are not complicated but still insurmountable without a little assistance. That’s why UMCOR’s Education and Child Protection program focuses on teacher training, school construction, and school supplies for students like Bara in South Sudan. 
Scholarships.png Scholarships

Life-Giving Work
“Being a pharmacist and a researcher… will allow me to promote health by designing, developing and distributing medicine to the needy around the globe.” Runako Masline Katsidzira, a United Methodist scholarship recipient from Zimbabwe, has only just begun her life-giving work.  
NWP Child Smiling Indoor Water 0318.jpg  WASH

Creating Access
Limited or no access to clean water is affecting the lives of more than 844 million people. UMCOR is turning on faucets across the globe, opening springs of hope in places such as homes in the Navaho Nation in the southwestern U.S. and schools in rural areas of Nicaragua.

Nickels IMG_7123.jpg  Creation Care

Caring for the Earth
UMCOR is dedicated to humanitarian relief across the globe, extending a caring hand to those who are suffering. As water and fresh food spring from the ground, seeds of hope and promise are sown for generations to come.

Migration.jpg  Migration

Expanding Opportunities
“The whole world comes to you,” said Leah Lonsbury as she described Clarkston, Georgia, a city with residents from six different continents. Lonsbury has established an innovative ministry to provide training and employment for resettled refugees.

Racial_Ethnic_Ministries.jpg  Racial/Ethnic Ministries 

Connecting Communities
More than 250,000 Brazilians now live in or near Miami, Florida, where the Rev. Marcelo Gomes serves as a missionary and pastor to a new Brazilian congregation that connects with people who are searching for a faith community in the U.S.

 Women_Children.jpg Women and Children

Healthy Families
Bold, resilient women are overcoming great challenges in communities across the globe to lead their children and families to a healthier, more vibrant life. Many are supported by Advance partnerships that provide new skills and resources to increase household nutrition, healthcare access and income security. 

 Health.jpg Global Health

Healthy Communities
When the island of Sri Lanka faced a historic outbreak of dengue fever last year, there was a great need preventative measures that could save lives, including the introduction of larvivorous, mosquito-eating fish! Global Ministries and a local partner rose up to fill these needs, ensuring that communities were able to overcome the threat of critical illness.