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Disability Ministry

Advance #3021054

#3021054 - Providing resources/funding for churches to empower and equip persons with disabilities

Annual Goal:$14,000.00
Location: United States North America

Describe the need affecting constituents.

Many local congregational facilities are not accessible to persons with disabilities. They are not only not accessible physically, but inclusive behavior toward persons with disabilities is lacking. Thus the need to develop ministries of inclusiveness in leadership and worship.

Describe the purpose of the project.

The DisAbility Ministries Committee of the United Methodist Church, formed in 1992 as the National Task Force on Developmental Disabilities, was launched in 2013 as a result of General Conference action. Their mission through advocacy, education and empowerment will lead the UMC in creating a culture where people with disabilities are fully included in all aspects of worship, leadership and ministry. The Committee offers resources including a web site with articles and downloadable tools, a newsletter, support for awareness and educational events and consultation. Ten jurisdictional members and liaison members from related agencies lead this effort.

Describe the primary goal of the project.

To facilitate every United Methodist Conference having a disability contact or committee that will develop a network of persons and churches engaged in disability ministry. To increase the number of churches and agencies which are inclusive of and accessible to person with disabilities.

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Sharon McCart

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Sabrina Rodgers
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