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Vietnam Mission Initiative

Vietnam Mission Initiative

Advance #14932A

#14932A - Supports congregational development, pastors' salaries, economic development and building project

Annual Goal:$250,000.00
Partner:The UMC, Vietnam Mission Initiative

Describe the need affecting constituents.

The Vietnam Methodist Church is emerging from restrictions and is rapidly growing. There is a need to train and support new pastors in this rapidly growing Church. The Growth is hampered by poverty and diversity of language and culture within Vietnam. Support for economic development projects, transportation, multi-language training, and leadership development are essential for this faith community to grow and thrive.

Describe the purpose of the project.

The Vietnamese Mission Initiative Advance provides support for pastors and local congregations to grow and develop. It assists the mission in providing pastor training, transportation, and leadership development. It funds local economic development projects.

Describe the primary goal of the project.

Through the Vietnam Methodist Church the Vietnam Mission Initiative will address the following goals: 1) Provide pastor salary support for up to 150 pastors per year. 2) Provide motorbikes for up to 50 pastors per year. 3) Support one annual meeting per year in three locations 4) Sustain up to 20 pastors in master divinity program per year 5) Sustain up to 50 pastors per year in bachelor divinity program. 6) Train 150 lay pastors per year 7) Start at least one economic development project in each of six districts 8) Assist with development of water supplies in each of six districts.

Budget and Financial Information


Annual Advance Financial Goal
Local Financial Support


Pastor Salary Support
Motor Bikes
Economic Development Projects
Water Supply
Pastor Education
Annual Meeting

Project Contact

Roberta Eddy
(404) 680-7743

Global Ministries Contact

Ullas Tankler
(404) 460-7205