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Hungary In Mission Together

Advance #00175A

#00175A - Supporting the church through leadership training, church planting and outreach to the marginalized

Annual Goal:$25,000.00
YTD Gifts:$6,126.17
Partner:The UMC, Czech and Slovak Republics Annual Conference


In 1898, Methodist missionaries established the first Methodist churches in Hungary, first amongst German speaking and later amongst Hungarian speaking people. Today, eleven ordained elders, two of whom are retired, are serving eleven circuits with 29 congregations, some of which have been open since 2004. They care for 2,100 members and friends. Focal points of church activities include family, children, and youth work, as well as various social services, such as those for the elderly, the Roma people, drug addicts, and prisoners.

The church is also strongly engaged in ecumenical work. The local congregations are growing slowly but continuously, and they are trying with great commitment to raise the level of their financial independence. It will take a long time before this goal is reached. Popular leisure and educational activities can only be carried out with help from outside of the country. Pastors are financially dependent upon their spouses' employment. For building projects at various locations, the needed means are lacking. The primary needs are financial sustainability (also in view of the situation in the near future when there will be a personnel overlapping of the new leadership generation and the not-yet-retired pastors) and the renovation/construction of church buildings. The secondary need is leadership development.

Goals & Objectives

1. The development of self-sustainability (among others by reaching new people).
2. The development of social-diaconal outreach ministries.
3. The development of committed and skilled spiritual leaders.

Activities Plan

Activities Plan:
Development of self-sustainability
1.) Encourage local churches to reach out to unchurched people and to share the Gospel with them.
2.) Raise awareness for the necessity of an increase in local giving.
Both activities have proved to be successful in the most recent past.

Development of social-diaconal outreach ministries
1.) Strengthen the existing ministries, particularly with Roma, children and youth, prisoners, etc.
2.) Encourage local churches to be a Church for the others by learning from existing ministries and by putting love into action.

Development of committed and skilled spiritual leaders
1.) Provide basic theological education in cooperation with other Protestant Churches.
2.) Provide continuing education for pastors and church workers.
3.) Provide educational programs for lay people (within the so-called ?Wesley Alliance,? i.e. in cooperation with other Churches with Wesleyan roots).
4.) Participate in the Methodist-e-Academy program.

Budget and Financial Information


Annual Advance Financial Goal
Local Financial Support


Project Contact

Kristof Sztupkai
Mission Coordinator
36 1 250 1536

Global Ministries Contact

Ullas Tankler
(212) 870-3889