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Connecting the Church in Mission

Volunteer Teams

Join or form a volunteer team to serve others. Use the steps below as a way to begin your volunteer journey.

  1. Contact your local church or your annual conference or jurisdictional UMVIM coordinator to learn about possible opportunities.
  2. Prepare yourself for service through prayer and training. Contact your coordinator before going on your trip to ensure you have all the training and information that you need.
  3. Determine if you are going to lead or join a volunteer team.
  4. Locate which volunteer opportunity best suits your group or which team best suits your skills. Leaders should contact their annual conference UMVIM office before the team departs and let the office know where and when you are going.
  5. Serve during your time as a volunteer.
  6. Tell your story when you return. UMVIM Awareness Sunday is a good opportunity to do this. Share your story with us.
  7. Support the mission by giving through The Advance. Encourage others to do the same as you tell others about your experience.

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