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Learn more about Celinne Mencias mission volunteer experience. 

Your life can be changed by becoming a long-term Mission Volunteer (MV)! The opportunities for individuals or couples (ages 18 and up) are diverse, including such positions as engaging with refugees, children or youth, or serving as teachers, pastors, camp directors or in health care. The length of service is a minimum of two months and can extend to two years or more

MV are people of faith and with local and/or international mission experience. The expected path to become a MV includes:

  • Completion of online application
  • Follow-up virtual interview
  • Attend 3-day training
  • Expenses: $200 Registration (housing/meals) and travel expenses to training
  • Preparation includes reading two books and the MV Handbook

Mission Volunteer Opportunities, Listed by Region:

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Youth Opportunities

Young Adults

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Urgent Volunteer Requests

Church World Service of Harrisonburg, Virgina, is looking for a volunteer to help with their refugee resettlement program. Do you have a heart for helping those new to our country? Do you have four months or more that you can give to others? Please contact the Mission Volunteers office for more information on this great opportunity.

Partner Request Form

Interested in serving as a volunteer site? Download the Partner Request Form.

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