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Mission Volunteer Opportunities: Asia/Pacific


Location #1: Nanjing

Position: English Teaching Assistant in the Young Adult Program
Duration: One semester up to one school year (August to July)
Living expenses: $250 Monthly (estimated amount)
Work description: The Amity Young Adult Program (YAP) is designed to allow recent high school or college graduates, in their late teens or early twenties, to experience living and working in China for one year before continuing with their studies or careers.  YAP teachers are usually placed in Chinese middle schools (junior high) and assigned to the English departments.  Their main duty is to facilitate oral English lessons for Chinese middle school students and to develop classroom activities to help students practice the English that they have learned.  Volunteers also have the chance to study Chinese language and visit places of historical and cultural significance to the local region in which they are placed.

Location #2: Nanjing
Position: English Teacher
Duration:  One to two years
Living expenses: $350.00 Monthly (estimated amount)
Work description: Joining the Amity Teachers Program is an exciting opportunity for qualified volunteers to spend one school year or longer in China helping to prepare Chinese college students to become middle school teachers.  Amity teachers often work in small teacher training colleges in less developed regions.  As an Amity teacher you are considered part of the English language department of these post-secondary institutions and will be expected to teach up to sixteen hours per week.  Most Amity teachers focus on listening and speaking courses, although you should be prepared to teach a full complement of English language courses in the school’s curriculum, from literature to grammar.  Volunteers must have a Bachelor’s degree and some kind of formal certification in education or teaching English as a second/foreign language.

Location #3: Nanjing
Position: Amity Service Learning Program Assistant
Duration: Two to three months
Living expenses: $300.00 Monthly (estimated amount)
Work description: Volunteers join the Amity Service Learning Program (SLP) to help raise responsible young leaders who take new initiatives and engage in developing their organizations and societies. SLP is an innovative approach to education that integrates volunteer community service and active reflection with academic coursework.


Location #4: Nanjing
Position: YMCA/YWCA Volunteer
Duration: Six months or longer
Living expenses: $730.00 Monthly (estimated amount)

Work description: Several opportunities for service are available: 1) Class activities and summer camp for children and youth; 2) Teaching English to YMCA/YWCA staff or on campus; and, 3) Service for the aged.


Location: Asian Rural Institute (ARI) in Nasushiobara-shi, Tochigi-ken.
Position: ARI Training Program Volunteer
Duration: Two months to one year
Living expenses: $500.00 Monthly (estimated amount) which includes all meals. ARI provides a shared room in a dormitory.
Work Description: Volunteers will serve as part of ARI’s diverse and vibrant community and help support the training program. Each volunteer is assigned to a work section dependent upon their skills and the needs of ARI. Work assignments include livestock, crops and vegetables, office, meal service, maintenance, and food processing. In addition to working in their assigned sections, volunteers are engaged in a number of activities that contribute to the life of the community. The ability to live humbly, work hard, and live in an international and, at times, challenging community is a requirement for the volunteer.  ARI asks that the volunteers be in good basic health, as much of the work is physical.



Location: Kathmandu International Study Centre (KISC) in Kathmandu, Nepal 
Position: Teacher or Teacher's Assistant
Duration: Five months (two terms) or one full school year (11 months)
Living expenses: $530.00 Monthly (estimated amount) which includes partial room and board. Tourist visa also needed.
Work Description: Volunteers will plan and take responsibility for individual and group learning, establish supportive relationships with students and parents, contribute to the planning and evaluation of work programs, and ensure that lessons are properly planned. It is hoped that the volunteer will participate in extra curricular school activities when appropriate. Teachers are required to have a Bachelor's in Education or ESL certification.  



Location #1: Bangkok, Thailand 
Position: Community Outreach Coordinator
: Two to three months
Living expenses: $450.00 Monthly (estimated amount) which includes partial room and board. Tourist visa also needed.
Work Description: Volunteers will help host free English conversation classes with local school-aged children and will help promote Thailand missions through social media. No teacher's certification is required. 



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