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How to Become a Missionary

Romy Rosario Pumping Water in Cambodia, for use on How to Become a Missionary page

Romeo L. del Rosario (Romy) is a Global Ministries missionary serving as country director of the United Methodist Mission in Cambodia. Photo: Global Ministries missionary Joseph Chan


People wishing to be missionaries who serve through Global Ministries need to meet some basic requirements to apply for missionary service. These include being a professing Christian, having the appropriate education and experience for the position, and the willingness to serve. Learn more about requirements for missionary service:

Qualifications for Missionary Service (pdf)

Are you still discerning if missionary service fits your calling? Discernment Resource (pdf)

Application Process

Becoming a Global Ministries missionary involves several steps. Learn more about the process by reading the following outline:

Missionary Service Application Process (pdf)

Prepare to Apply and Application

The application will require time and prayerful reflection.

To apply for missionary service, please follow this link (external):

If internet access is difficult, please contact Missionary Selection at