GMF International Placement Site

Why Be an International Placement Site?
Unique benefits of hosting Global Mission Fellows:

  • Purposefully Selected and Trained: Young Adults are selected for skills, interests and experiences, and Global Ministries offers training and support. They are resourced with tools to add value to your work and ministry.
  • Mission Endorsement: Young adults connect the church in mission by bringing awareness to your work and elevating central issues that affect your community to a larger audience.
  • Cross Cultural Perspective: Young adults coming from different countries and regions bring assets of energy, creativity and curiosity. The cross-cultural connection between young adults and theological community facilitates the sharing of fresh perspectives.
  • Discipleship: As a placement site, you have the platform to shape a young adult’s faith formation, and character development as a citizen in a global, interconnected world. These young adults will become servant leaders whose rich cross-cultural experience will provide them with a deeper understanding of and commitment to justice and the global church.

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