Supervisor Testimonials

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“The Primavera Foundation prides itself on being a learning organization, open and adapting to the assets we see in the community and where we might be able to draw out and enhance those assets. We find it very valuable having young adults in our midst doing 1-2 years of service because the programs they come from are all intentional about learning and growing and asking questions and challenging the status quo. We want to foster an atmosphere of inquisitiveness amongst all of our staff members and having interns in many of our programs is one way that we can instill and encourage that kind of culture.

Global Ministries is obviously committed to recruiting young adults who want to serve and who identify closely with our mission, vision and guiding principles. Our organization envisions a future that promotes economic and social justice while working to build a future in which all people are assured basic human rights, a livable income and safe, affordable housing and we get there by following the principles of compassion, leadership, integrity, accountability and respect. These ethics obviously fit very closely with the vision and principles of Global Ministries (and also with a liberal understanding of Christianity). It’s a good fit, makes sense and works.” -Jenna Van Laningham from the Primavera Foundation

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