Supervisor Testimonials

“We have had many interns over the last few years, and each has added great value to our program. They have all come in with their own past experiences and gifts that they have been willing to share. Our current interns are working with our volunteer program and children's program. Having someone we can dedicate nearly full-time to these positions is a huge gain for our organization, as we would likely only be able to employ these positions on a very part-time basis. As our organization continues to grow, cultivating relationships with donors through volunteering is vital, and Tara does a phenomenal job of this!…We always have a great experience with our interns and they provide the ability for our organization to focus our funding on programming, rather than staffing.” - Liz at Mary’s Place

“We have a had a great experience with US-2s and actually prefer them over other programs, because of the two year placement. ...With the type of hands-on work that we do, it takes interns at least 6 months to learn to do their job well. After that, it’s great for them to have 18 more months to put all that knowledge to work.  Also, Global Ministries does a great job in screening US-2s and we have had a great rate of success in placement with US-2s at the NOAH Project.  Of the five US-2s that have served at NOAH, three are still in Detroit and the other two are still connected with the Project.” - Amy Brown from the NOAH Project

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