Virginia Annual Conference

The Virginia Conference has a strong commitment to mission by supporting mission projects and missionaries in Virginia and around the world.  They have had several US-2 missionaries and former mission interns over the years. The area of service is in rural southwest Virginia at the edge of the Appalachia Mountains. It is an economically repressed area as well as a politically conservative area. The racial/ethnic makeup is primarily Anglo-American but also with an African American and Hispanic minority population. 

Affiliate Coordinator


Work Site
General Board Church and Society
As one of the General Boards of The United Methodist Church, GBCS addresses issues that range from poverty, mass incarceration, immigration, climate change, health, and women and girls and how individuals can engage faith, as United Methodists, to bring justice.
Positions: Seminar Designer; Education Leadership Formation Associate

National United Methodist Church
A three campus church located in downtown D.C., Metropolitan Memorial Church celebrates the diversity of the community, with a passion for learning and for serving. Through the St. Luke's Mission Center, and the Campus Kitchen program, the church supports student leaders and empowering opportunities to create program pathways between college and communities.
Position: Serving Ministry Coordinator

American University - United Methodist Chaplaincy
To deepen student engagement and enhance their campus ministry, the United Methodist Chaplain's office at AU continues to explore meaningful community service, partnerships in social justice and service ministry, and congregational connections for students to build their personal faith experiences beyond campus. 
Position: Associate for Community Engagement