Criteria for Becoming an International Placement Site

The Organization shall:

  • Be a church, faith-based, ecumenical or community organization.
  • Be committed to addressing critical justice issues and involved in ministries of human liberation.
  • Provide experiences that facilitate understanding and skill development related to:
    •  Local cultural traditions and the ways that they influence and are influenced by political, social, and economic systems;
    • Critical justice issues from the perspective of local communities;
    • The role of faith-based communities in addressing critical justice issues;
    • Models of social change that emerge out of local cultural contexts
  • Engage Global Mission Fellows as part of its work community by providing a learning atmosphere of participatory education and hands-on experience.
  • Designate a person to give direct, ongoing supervision and guidance to Global Mission Fellows in areas of work, cultural education, community adjustment, housing, and other areas that seem appropriate.
             Divided Responsibilities of Hosting a Global Mission Fellow