Responsibilities of Hosting an International Global Mission Fellow

Global Ministries:

  • Covers training and orientation costs, moving expenses to and from placement site, and medical insurance;
  • Provides a living stipend for the Global Mission Fellow(s), which includes: salary, housing, utilities, phone, internet, food, local transportation to and from work, miscellaneous and personal expenses.
  • Covers Mid-Term and End-Term training costs and expenses.
  • Offers quarterly webinars and accompaniment for Global Mission Fellow(s).

Placement Site:

  • Covers the expenses around the programmatic work to which the Global Mission Fellow(s) is assigned. These costs include work-related travel, orientation, workspace, and equipment.
  • Assist the Global Mission Fellow(s) in being oriented and adjusted to the placement site community.
  • Supervise and support the growth of Global Mission Fellow(s).
  • Make provisions for sick days and vacation days.
  • Allow time for Global Mission Fellow (s) to attend Global Ministries’ events, which include Training/Orientation, as well as Mid-Term, End-Term, and other Global Ministries-sponsored events during time of service.
  • Encouraged but not required to cover other expenses (such as housing, furnishings, transportation, food)