Affiliates vs. Work Sites for US-2 Global Mission fellows

Through the Generation Transformation initiative Global Mission Fellows US-2 program offers young adults from the United States an opportunity to serve domestically for two years.  In order to fulfill Global Ministries' motto of "connecting the church in mission,"  the US-2 program model has been redesigned.  Local entities (UMC districts, Congregations, UMC related colleges/universities/seminaries or nonprofit organizations etc.) cultivate the program and its participants by accepting responsibility for the local expression of the GMF US-2 program in their area.  These entities apply to become Global Mission Fellows US-2 Affiliates.

 1. Affiliate-Driven Model

 In this model, the establishment of a local expression of the GMF US-2 program is initiated by a GMF US-2 Affiliate, and includes:

  • Affiliate
  • Fellows
  • Local Supporters  (UMC mentors and other volunteers who support the local GMF US-2 program)
  • Local Work Sites (Fellows’ daily work sites during their term of service)
  • Placement of at least 2 Fellows with 2 distinct job descriptions
  • Minimum of two operational local Work Sites


  2.  Work Site-Driven Model

 Where no UMC-related Affiliate yet exists, a new or existing Placement Site can serve as the initial Affiliate, taking on some of the responsibilities of a GMF US-2 Affiliate.

  • Placement of at least 2 Fellows, with two distinct job descriptions
  • Local Supporters (minimally, UMC mentors and church partners)
  • One additional Project recruited into local model by year two.