Application and Selection Process

Are you interested in applying to be a Global Mission Fellow?  Start here!

Early Access Application Deadline: December 3, 2018 (Applicants who submit by this date will receive an exclusive program resource)
Application Deadline: January 7, 2019

Have you successfully completed all the requirements for the application?  Here's what's next.

  • Official application reviews will begin in December 2018. Submitting by the early deadline is encouraged.
  • Potential candidates will be invited to a group interview process in late January 2019, including a group program interview and a conversation with a clinician. Both interviews are anticipated to be conducted in English. 
  • Strong candidates through the interview process will be recommended to our matching team to be paired with a placement site. 
  • If a good match is found, an applicant will be formally invited to participate as a Global Mission Fellow. Candidates will be accepted pending both background check and medical clearance.
  • Please note that those candidates who are selected to participate will be required to attend a training in July/August 2019. The training will last about 3 weeks and is mandatory for all Fellows.