Laura Fightmaster
US-2 Class 1998–2000

“The GLOBAL MISSION FELLOWS - US-2 program introduced me to diverse people, situations, and organizations that I never would have come across if I did not participate in the program.  I met 30 of the most wonderful people who I am still in contact with today.  The time we spent together opened my mind and heart to so much more than I could have imagined.  The training we went through taught me to open up and share my heart and to know that I could trust those I confided in.  Moving away from my home and family was hard, but knowing I had an amazing support system of others who were going through the same thing helped me get through and know that I could make another life and family outside of my own.  The GLOBAL MISSION FELLOWS - US-2 experience made me feel loved and accepted no matter what, no matter who I was, and no matter what mistakes I made in my life. My friends were there to guide me and comfort me.  I have recommended this program to many others in the hopes they can have the same experience I had.”

—Laura Fightmaster, GLOBAL MISSION FELLOWS - US-2 Class 1998–2000 served at University of Northern Iowa Wesley Foundation in Cedar Falls, Iowa