John Haynes
US-2 class 1998–2000

“I heard about the GLOBAL MISSION FELLOWS - US-2 program my junior year of college.  During my senior year, I had the choice of attending seminary on a full scholarship or becoming a GLOBAL MISSION FELLOWS - US-2. I chose to be a US2.  The two years I served as a missionary were the two hardest years of ministry I have had, but they were vital in shaping me into type of person I am and what I believe.  I have a greater appreciation of the connectional nature of The United Methodist Church, and am passionate about meeting individuals on their journey of faith—despite cultural background, economic status, race, or gender.  The GLOBAL MISSION FELLOWS - US-2 experience taught me the meaning of grace.” 

—John Haynes, GLOBAL MISSION FELLOWS - US-2 class 1998–2000, served with McCurdy School/Northern New Mexico Group Ministry in Espanola, N.M.