Amanda Caruso-Yahne
Summer Intern Class 1998

“This was the first time I experienced mission as a professional calling rather than just something you do on a short-term basis, such as on a mission trip. It taught me more about AmeriCorps and Global Ministries and the opportunities there were in The United Methodist Church.  Living and working in Chinatown, San Francisco, taught me so many things about culture, education, and the skills and gifts I already had to help those who needed it. I taught summer school (computers and music) to elementary school-aged children. I also assisted with the preschool program that assisted the children as well as their immigrant parents to help make the transition to being Americans. I met GLOBAL MISSION FELLOWS - US-2s who were serving in the same place/time and about the partnership of United Methodist Women in several institutions like Gum Moon around the country and world. It started me on the path to becoming a deaconess in The United Methodist Church. I'm a proud alumni and encourage all young adults I speak with to look into current opportunities like it.”
—Amanda Caruso-Yahne, Summer Intern Class 1998, served at Gum Moon/Asian Women's Resource Center in San Francisco, Calif.