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The United Methodist Church

Connecting the Church in Mission

  • connectNmission April 2015 Issue 5 - Providing Healthier Food Choices; Easter Sunday prayer; Racial Ethnic Scholarships Available Now; United Methodist Mission Map resource; Mongolia: Missionary Helen Sheperd, and Upcoming Events.
  • connectNmission April 2015 Issue 6 - The Learning Gym for At-Risk Youth; Native American Ministries Sunday; Sustainable Food resource; Missionary Karen Johnson Ujereh video feature, and upcoming events.
  • connectNmission April 2015 Issue 7 - Improving literacy for youth in Buffalo, New York; Nepal Earthquake Prayer; Bible Verses on Creation Care, Providing Healthcare in Mozambique; New Mobile Websites and upcoming events.
  • connectNmission August 2015 Issue 14 - News: Youth Learn to Confront Anger, Bullying; Prayer: The Advance; Resource: Psalm 121: A Prayer for Travelers; Media: Paraguay: Missionary Mary Escobar, and Upcoming Events
  • connectNmission August 2015 Issue 15 - Apply for the United Methodist Children’s Fund for Christian Mission. The fund helps children learn about, and make contributions to, a select group of mission projects. Upcoming events.
  • connectNmission December 2015 Issue 23 - Thank You! UMC #GivingTuesday; Christmas Greetings; Media: Beyond Bethlehem – Hope for Refugees This Christmas ; Resource: United Methodist Gifts of Hope, and Upcoming Events
  • connectNmission February 2015 Issue 2 - Strengthening Hispanic/Latino Ministries; Ash Wednesday prayer; 10 Ways to Improve Your Prayer Life, and Improving Nutrition in Nepal.
  • connectNmission January 2015 Issue 1 - Developing Hispanic/Latino leaders in Detroit; young adult mission opportunities; prayer of discernment; resources for Lent.
  • connectNmission July 2015 Issue 12 - News: Students Attend Belize Schools Thanks to UMC Gifts; Prayer: Mission Initiatives; Resource: Older Adult Ministry Webinar; Media: Missionaries Ronald and Devorah Julian
  • connectNmission July 2015 Issue 13 - Helping Special Needs Youth in Zambia; Prayer: Young Adults in Training; Global Health: Recovery From Addiction; Media: GMF Bloggers Wanted, and Upcoming Events
  • connectNmission June 2015 Issue 10 - News: Building Latino Youth Leaders; Prayer: Nepal Earthquake Recovery; Resource: Supporting Children in a Violent World; Media: Methodists in Latin America and Caribbean, and Upcoming Events
  • connectNmission June 2015 Issue 11 - News: Reintegrating Prisoners; Youth 2015 Prayer; Resource: Shop UMC, MEDIA: Panama Missionaries David and Cynthia Ceballos, and Upcoming Events
  • connectNmission March 2015 Issue 3 - This newsletter provides news on equipping Korean-American lay leaders, a World Day of Prayer, resources for Women’s History Month, and a video featuring Global Mission Fellow Elizabeth Fink.
  • connectNmission March 2015 Issue 4 - Worship design training for Cambodian-American church leaders; prayer for racial healing; mission insights from the General Secretary; a Global Mission Fellows video feature, and upcoming events.
  • connectNmission May 2015 Issue 8 - Global Ministries Grants Create Mission Opportunities; Prayer: For Faith to Receive the Next Miracle; Resources: Pentecost Sunday, May 24; Media: Church and Community Worker Margaret Madison and Upcoming Events.
  • connectNmission May 2015 Issue 9 - Training Leaders on Human Rights, Gender Violence; Prayer for Peace with Justice Sunday, May 31; Resource: Are Your Being Called?; Media: Nepal Missionaries Lester and Debbie Dornan, and upcoming events.
  • connectNmission November 2015 Issue 21 - Providing scholarships in Paraguay; Media: Beyond These Walls 2016, and Upcoming events
  • connectNmission November 2015 Issue 22 - Resources: UMC #GivingTuesday, Dec.1; Media: UMC #GivingTuesday; and Upcoming Events
  • connectNmission October 2015 Issue 19 - News: Senegal: Micro-Entrepreneurs; Media: Apply to Become a Global Mission Fellow, and Upcoming Events
  • connectNmission October 2015 Issue 20 - News: UMC #GivingTuesday is Dec. 1, and Upcoming Events
  • connectNmission September 2015 Issue 16 - News: Global Mission Fellows Commissioned to Serve, and Upcoming Events
  • connectNmission September 2015 Issue 17 - News: Welcoming the stranger: Difficult and necessary; Resource: Moyo—Where contemplation and action meet, and Upcoming events
  • connectNmission September 2015 Issue 18 - NEWS: World Communion Sunday is October 4