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Prayer, Medicine, and a Mother’s Love
Dr. Mark Zimmerman, a missionary doctor serving at Patan Hospital in Nepal, demonstrates how prayer and love contribute to a patient’s recovery after medicine has exhausted its contribution.
Waiting on the Lord
Global Mission Fellow Cleasnaire Joyce Bautista navigates an unfamiliar environment with grace, asking God to bless her actions and interactions with her students in China.
Truths Murmured Amidst Distraction
Bernadette St. Amand, a Global Mission Fellow serving in Tanzania, discovers patience through prayer.
Prayers Keeps Us Moving Forward
Missionaries Les and Debbie Dornon serving with Tansen Hospital in Nepal consider the prevalence of prayer in their daily lives. “Knowing there are those who pray for us consistently keeps us moving f ...
Wise Enough to Guide Me, Powerful Enough to Protect Me
From Jamaica to Grenada to Germany, Global Mission Fellow Meli’sa-Kaye Robotham journeys with God as her friend—a sovereign yet compassionate, attentive, and loving God.

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