Global Ministries

The United Methodist Church

Connecting the Church in Mission

  • Finding a Voice Through Dance - Joy Prim, mission intern for Global Ministries, shares the plight of the migrant workers, and how some are expressing their voice through dance.
  • Mission is Courage - Heather Nielson, an individual volunteer serving in Guatemala, shares what she has learned about true courage through the struggles faced by the people she serves.
  • Mission: Perspectives From Africa University - Global Ministries’ missionary Larry Kies serving Africa University, offers the mission views held by five students from different parts of the African continent.
  • Open Heart, Open Hands, Open Doors - Christian Love Daroy, Mission Intern serving Grenada, shares her journey to obtaining an open heart in ministry.
  • Reclaiming Missionary - Julia Kayser, a freelance journalist for Global Ministries, combs through history and explores the term 'missionary.'
  • Tenacity of Tea - John D. Gore, mission intern, shares brave realities and truth about mission during his stint at the Wi’am Palestinian Conflict Resolution Center in Bethlehem.
  • The Peace Train - A peace train concept aims to create solidarity around the reunification issue between North and South Korea.
  • Wrestling With Ourselves - Hillary Taylor, mission intern serving South Africa, shares the human struggle to understand the effects of culture, context, and history that have separated us in the past.