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The United Methodist Church

Connecting the Church in Mission

  • Education in the history of Methodist mission - Education has been one of the most consistent features of Methodist mission from its beginning. Dr. David Scott reflects on the Methodist tradition of building schools and supporting education as an answer to God’s call to serve.
  • Kwansei Gakuin—130 years strong - Kwansei Gakuin was founded in 1889 by Methodist missionary Walter Lambuth to provide Christian education for students in Japan. Current missionary Ruth Grubel, the school’s chancellor, tells the story of why this missionary-founded school is important for Japanese students today.
  • Together we pray and build the church - From the first “J-3s” to the vast network of United Methodist Volunteers in Mission working in many different kinds of short-term ministries today, author Lisa Beth White considers the history of Methodist volunteer programs and the power they have to transform both the volunteers and the partners they work with in mission.