Global Ministries

The United Methodist Church

Connecting the Church in Mission

  • Children’s prayers from around the world - Missionaries in Brazil, Liberia, the DR Congo, Mongolia, Cambodia, and the United States asked children about their prayers. Download this PDF to explore their answers.
  • Prayer, Medicine, and a Mother’s Love - Dr. Mark Zimmerman, a missionary doctor serving at Patan Hospital in Nepal, demonstrates how prayer and love contribute to a patient’s recovery after medicine has exhausted its contribution.
  • Truths Murmured Amidst Distraction - Bernadette St. Amand, a Global Mission Fellow serving in Tanzania, discovers patience through prayer.
  • Waiting on the Lord - Global Mission Fellow Cleasnaire Joyce Bautista navigates an unfamiliar environment with grace, asking God to bless her actions and interactions with her students in China.