Global Ministries

The United Methodist Church

Connecting the Church in Mission

  • Methodist Scholars - Methodists have a long tradition of making education available and accessible for students around the world. Crusades Scholars, now known as World Communion Scholars, continue that tradition today.
  • Mission and Media - A church, a clinic and a school – are what we think of as the fundamental Christian institutions founded by the early missionaries as integral parts of all mission stations. But Methodists established another indispensable enterprise in many of the missions they founded—a publishing house. Download this photo essay on Mission and Media.
  • Solidarity in Christ - As a person of faith, I believe God calls me to solidarity.” Adam Shaw, who was one of three missionaries targeted and sent home from Mindanao in the Philippines this year, describes the work he was doing and his passion for this ministry.
  • The story of Mrs. Quay - The story of Methodist mission is the story of the many local church leaders around the world who risked much to profess a new faith and lead others to the abundant life they’d found in Christ. Here is the story of Mrs. Quay, as told by Bishop Walter Lambuth in the mid-1800s.