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By Christie R. House*

Mission Witness: Prayer Calendar 2018, Week of June 17

I was very sad when a lady I flew to the city from the village could not be treated and I had to fly her back to wait to die. Before the flight she approached me and said, “Don’t worry, I am going home, but I will make sure to tell God what you have done for me.” I don’t cry very easily, but I did at this encounter.

cg8jeffrey-J1072.jpgPilot Gaston Ntambo in the DR Congo. PHOTO: PAUL JEFFREY

Gaston Ntambo, Global Ministries
Missionary Pilot, Wings of the Morning
Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of Congo

Mission Witness: Prayer Calendar 2018, Week of September 3

Asian Young Christian Women are not a majority in the society. So, we sometimes feel vulnerable and small. Yet when we come together in prayer, in holding hands of sisters, we surely experience a sacred presence of Divine God among us.

usa-portland-jeffrey-general-conference-20160512-9987002.jpgThe Rev. Hikari Kokai Chang (center), speaks to other women at the United Methodist Women exhibit at the 2016 United Methodist General Conference in Portland, Oregon.                                  PHOTO: PAUL JEFFREY

Hikari Chang, United Methodist
Women Regional Missionary
Wesley Foundation, Japan

Mission Witness: Prayer Calendar 2018, Week of February 18

I encounter God in the mother who sits in my office at the Charitable Pharmacy of Central Ohio, crying for her drug-addicted son who may finally receive the medications he needs.

Mariellyn Stephanie Matthews2.jpgMariellyn Dunlap Grace, Church and Community Worker. PHOTO: STEPHANIE MATTHEWS

Mariellyn Dunlap Grace
Global Ministries Church & Community Worker missionary
Columbus, Ohio

From the General Secretaries

Join us in praying for and with the people and projects that are included in the calendar. Reflect on the many sacred places represented here, add your own prayers that emerge from your encounters with God in your public and private sacred places and your sacred interactions with friends and neighbors near and far. Through our praying and our giving, we respond to the invitation to participate in God’s mission in the world.
Thanks be to God for the invitation to pray, to serve and to give.

Thomas Kemper                                                                    Harriett Jane Olson
General Secretary of                                                             General Secretary and CEO
Global Ministries of the United                                              United Methodist Women
Methodist Church

Ways to Use the Prayer Calendar

• Begin and end your day with prayer and inspiring testimonials.

• Acknowledge and bless a mission worker or mission institution with a card or note of appreciation.

• Begin a United Methodist Women’s unit meeting or mission committee meeting with one of the prayers or readings.

• Generate discussion about mission during meetings.

• Connect with a deaconess-home missioner or Church and Community Worker missionary or US-2 Global Mission Fellow in your area.

• Supplement the week’s sermon or lectionary reading at church with inspiring quotes from the calendar.

• Enhance Sunday school, Vacation Bible School or group Bible study by sharing the mission stories with children and adults in your class.

• Plan a visit to a national or international mission site or find centers where you can serve.

Christie R. House is the editor of New World Outlook magazine. During the 1980s, she served as assistant editor for the Prayer Calendar.

Copyright New World Outlook magazine, Winter 2018 issue. Used by permission. Email the New World Outlook editor for more information.

Where to Find the Prayer Calendar

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