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With the United Methodist Prayer Calendar

By Christie R. House*

I received your letter and the 2018 Prayer Calendar upon my arrival from the Council of Bishops meeting. This is a very important resource for prayer and understanding of our worldwide ministries. Thank you very much. God bless you.

Bishop Pedro M. Torio Jr. 
Philippines Central Conference
Baguio Episcopal Area

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The United Methodist Prayer Calendar has been published, in one form or another by one Methodist or Brethren agency or another, since 1947. The earliest known Methodist-related annual calendar containing missionary birthdays and US and overseas mission areas was published by the Woman’s Society of Christian Service,

a predecessor of United Methodist Women. Since then, it has had a devoted following of prayer advocates who expand their daily devotions beyond their family and friends, local churches, and communities to include mission ministry and missionaries of The United Methodist Church.

The Prayer Calendar 2018 considers the theme of “Sacred Places”—places made sacred by our interactions with God and with one another. These may be physical places, metaphorical places, or spiritual places where we meet God and one another in prayer.

In addition to the daily listing of missionary, deaconess, and Global Ministries and United Methodist Women staff members’ birthdays, the calendar features prayers from the global church, weekly mission witnesses written by missionaries, deaconesses, home missioners, and mission institution staff members, and a daily mission-related focus. The back pages of the calendar list the active missionaries with their work addresses and emails. Retired missionaries are also listed, along with staff members of the two mission agencies. The mission witnesses that follow are all from the 2018 calendar.

Mission Witness: Prayer Calendar 2018, Week of May 27

We were walking the dusty path (20 minutes) to church. Lost in memories of comfortable cars and smooth roads in the United States, we caught up with a group of ladies also walking. We greeted them with “Jaimashi” (Praise the Messiah) and asked where they had walked from.

They named a village far to the east of us—they had left home at 7 a.m. to walk the three hours to Tansen. The church here is a true community of believers—and people walk extreme distances to come to worship. For us, the dusty road was suddenly sacred ground.

Les adn Debbie-2.jpg               PHOTO: COURTESY DEBORAH DORNON

Deborah Dornon
Global Ministries Missionary
Tansen, Nepal

Mission Witness: Prayer Calendar 2018, Week of June 3

After moving into my new home in Grenada, every day I had frogs or lizards in my bathroom. I went to the street to find someone who would help to get them out since I am very afraid of lizards and frogs. I had made many friends before we found the hole where the lizards and frogs were coming in. I see this was God’s way to help me to break the ice in a new community. 

Munkhbaatar 9.jpg                               PHOTO: COURTESY DARIA MUNKHBAATAR

Tsetsegdari Munkhbaatar
Global Mission Fellow International

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