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Singing the Sacred:
Musical Gifts from Native American Communities

Singing the Sacred: Musical Gifts from Native American CommunitiesMusic has always been an integral part of Native American life. There were songs for every conceivable event in life. Native American worship music is primarily a corporate, communal experience. Each piece is intended to invoke a blessing on the entire worshiping community. When you join in singing these songs we believe that you will experience that blessing. (From the Introduction by Rev. Alvin Deer, Editor)

Singing the Sacred: Musical Gifts from Native American Communities offers Native American Christian music from the diversity of the people called 'Native American' in the present day United States of America. Songs are included from the Mohawk of New York to the Native Hawaiians of the Hawaiian Island; from the Inupiat in the northern borders of the Alaska to the Tewa and Navajo of the Great Southwest.

This resource includes:
Twenty-one songs and hymns from more than fifteen Native American communities, carefully selected for their suitability for cross-cultural use.

Music Scores:
Musical notation to each song, capturing and sharing the original tune.
Singable English translations.

Performance notes that provide:
Commentary on the communities of origin, the history, and how the song is experienced in Native American communities for each selection.
Suggestions of ways to incorporate the songs in traditional, blended, contemporary and emerging worship.

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