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For Everyone Born

For Everyone BornSharing the songs and prayers of Christians worldwide can have a significant impact upon our worship life. By engaging in global song, we practice hospitality to people from a vast array of cultural backgrounds. We also acknowledge and join with a global church in worshiping God, who created diverse people, unique, and still one body. Singing these songs helps us as individuals to be in solidarity with sisters and brothers around the world and incorporates the gifts borne from their faith journeys into our own.

For Everyone Born seeks to share sung prayers and stories in a format that makes them accessible to a variety of emerging worship styles. Performance notes, thoughtfully crafted by leaders in the area of global song, guide you with suggestions for integrating these songs into your congregation's repertoire in ways that will invigorate and energize your worship and witness, regardless of your particular worship style. This resource includes:

  • 23 songs and hymns from over 15 countries and regions around the world, carefully selected to ensure their accessibility, immediacy, and suitability for cross-cultural use.
  • Music formatted for use by praise band ensembles (lead sheet) as well as traditional worship settings (full vocal/piano score.)
  • Performance notes which provide:
    Contextual background information for each selection.
    Direction for teaching and accompanying instrumentation.
    Suggestions for use of the songs for a variety of worship settings and purposes. Also includes extensive topical index.
  • A companion CD is available that includes a recording of most songs, in many cases made by the communities of origin.

This resource will become a powerful instrument of renewal and enrichment in the worship life of your congregation, as we sing one another's songs of faith and engage together in God's mission of shaping a world where there is a place at the table for everyone born.

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