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Charles WesleyCharles Wesley (1707-1788), who wrote hundreds of hymns and poems, was one of the most prolific English poets. His hymns witness to the power of God in Christ today and in every age. He and his brother John Wesley founded Methodism. The Global Praise program offers resources that celebrate the life, work, and message of this powerful servant of God.

The hymns in this section can also be found in The United Methodist Hymnal.


Jesus, United by Thy Grace

Words: Charles Wesley, 1749
Music: Johann G. Nageli; arr. by Lowell Mason, 1845

Jesus, united by thy grace
and each to each endeared,
with confidence we seek thy face
and know our prayer is heard.

Help us to help each other, Lord,
each other's cross to bear;
let all their friendly aid afford,
and feel each other's care.

Up unto thee, our living Head,
let us in all things grow;
till thou hast made us free
indeed and spotless here below.

Touched by the lodestone of thy love,
let all our hearts agree,
and ever toward each other move,
and ever move toward thee.

To thee, inseparably joined,
let all our spirits cleave;
O may we all the loving mind
that was in thee receive.

This is the bond of perfectness,
thy spotless charity;
O let us, still we pray,
possess the mind that was in thee.

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