Global Ministries

The United Methodist Church

Connecting the Church in Mission

  • Beyond the Anchor Cross - Learn about our missionaries, who will be featured regularly in “Beyond the Anchor Cross: Mission from Everywhere to Everywhere,” and consider supporting their life-transforming work.
  • Innocent P. Afful - Innocent P. Afful, originally from Ghana, is a missionary serving in Kinshasa in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Afful works as a coordinator for orphans and vulnerable children for the Ecumenical Churches of Christ.
  • Katherine T. Parker - Watch Missionary Katherine Parker share her work in helping rural Nepali women learn how to test water for bacteria to protect their family’s health.
  • Larry and Jane Kies - Larry and Jane Kies are United Methodist missionaries serving Mutare, Zimbabwe, in southern Africa. Larry serves as technical advisor to the Africa University Farm working with the farm manager to develop an agricultural program that makes the university farm more efficient, and Jane Kies, originally from Zambia, teaches intensive English to students from non-English-speaking countries at Africa University in Mutare.
  • Mary Zigbuo - Global Health supports John Dean Town Clinic in Liberia with grants focused on maternal and child health and hospital systems strengthening.
  • Paul Webster - Watch Missionary Paul Webster share about his work in Zambia as he works to address root causes of poverty.