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Rocio Barcenas Jaureg

Serving At: Evangelical Methodist Church of Argentina and the Methodist Church of Uruguay

Location: Argentina, Latin America and the Caribbean

Home Country: Colombia, Latin America and the Caribbean

Spouse: William Llanos Zúñiga

Rocio Jauregui-Barcenas, UMC Missionary in ArgentinaThe Rev. Rocio Bárcenas Jáuregui is a missionary with the United Methodist General Board of Global Ministries serving on a pastoral team with her husband, the Rev. William Llanos Zúñiga, in an area of northeastern Argentina along the Uruguay River. The work is in partnership with the Evangelical Methodist Church of Argentina and is coordinated with the Methodist Church of Uruguay because of the location.

The ministry incorporates a group of congregations in the regions of Costa del Río del Uruguay and Concepción del Uruguay along the Argentinian side of the river that separates Argentina and Uruguay. This area has some 370,000 people. These ministries involve worship, Bible study, prayer groups, leadership development, and outreach to young people.

Rev. Bárcenas was born and grew up in Cali, Colombia and was ordained an elder in the Methodist Church of Colombia in 2006 after study in Peru and Colombia. As of early 2012, she was studying toward a Master in Theology degree from an institution in Costa Rica.

Rocio took part in an evangelical congregation as a teenager, where she learned a great deal about the Bible and its message of how to live in communion with and serve God. Later, she says, "I recognized the need to strengthen my life and faith with devotion to God and service to others." This realization led her to a rereading of John Wesley's concept of 'social holiness' and the ways this concept enriches pastoral ministry.

Of her call to mission, Rocio says: "I think that the call--both the calling and the gifts--are with us from birth. As we grow and learn, we discover the reasons and motivations. For me, the reason for living is service to God and neighbor; in this I encounter the joy and satisfaction that keep me going every day." She values ecumenical experience and has learned that "mission must be participatory, inclusive, and take place in everyday life, requiring effort and willingness."

Rocio and her husband have two children, Pamela Jocabed and Andrés Felipe.

The Rev. Rocio Bárcenas Jáuregui is available for covenant support.

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