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Mariellyn Dunlap Grace is a missionary with the General Board of Global Ministries of The United Methodist Church, assigned as a Church and Community Worker to serve as patient services coordinator for the Charitable Pharmacy of Central Ohio, and as mission and justice communications coordinator for the West Ohio Conference of The United Methodist Church.

The Charitable Pharmacy is a ministry located on the south side of Columbus, Ohio that provides prescription medications to those who cannot afford to buy them. Mariellyn has worked at the Pharmacy since it opened in 2010, qualifying patients for services and providing referrals to other social service agencies. In its first six years, the pharmacy served more than 5,000 patients and dispensed more than 270,000 prescriptions, worth more than $23 million in pharmacy services.

Mariellyn also spends time working with the Office of Mission & Justice at the West Ohio Conference office in Worthington. There she helps plan, research, and create church resources (videos, worship materials, Bible studies, web pages) that promote education, conversation, and action regarding issues of social justice. Her office is deeply involved in the production of educational materials for the annual conference. Productions include documentary videos, such as White Picket Fence, released in 2014, which focuses on homelessness and the accompanying issues of poverty, trauma, and mental health/addiction. Injustice for All, another documentary released in 2015, is a Bible study on the criminal justice system, particularly in light of issues of classism and racism.

Mariellyn grew up in Carrollton, Ohio, in the East Ohio Annual Conference, where she attended high school. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in communications arts and journalism from Malone University, Canton, in 2002. She served as a US-2 missionary at Martin Methodist College, Pulaski, Tennessee, and earlier worked as a missionary and journalist with TransWorld Radio Europe in Bratislava, Slovakia. Mariellyn is a member of First United Methodist Church, Carrollton, Ohio.

Mariellyn and her husband, the Rev. Ryan Grace, met on a mission trip to Samara, Russia, where they worked together on a communications project for the West Ohio Annual Conference. She and Ryan married on April 21, 2012, and now live in Westerville, Ohio, along with Ryan’s three children, Will (born 1999), Eva (2002) and Lily (2007), and their daughter, Laurie Ellyn, born in late 2015). Ryan is the senior pastor of Maize Manor United Methodist Church in Columbus. 


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