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The Middle East is not a precisely defined geographic area. It includes parts of southwest Asia (Iran, Iraq, Israel, Saudi Arabia) and North Africa (Egypt, Libya) as well as Turkey. Arabic is the language of the majority, and Islam is the dominant religion, although Judaism and Christianity also originated there. Constant conflict, some of it ethnically based, undercuts political and economic stability and often affects global prospects for peace. Most projects are located in Israel/Palestine and include schools, human rights projects, and services for the disabled and children. All United Methodist missionaries are in Israel/Palestine.

Advance Projects in the Middle East


Missionaries in the Middle East

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Refugee children play together in the central train station, the Wiener Hauptbahnhof, in Vienna, Austria, where asylum seekers congregate and volunteers organized by Train of Hope provided an astonishing array of services to the newcomers. PHOTO CREDIT: Photo by Paul Jeffrey
Volunteers in Austria Welcome Refugees
Volunteers in Vienna railroad station welcome refugees with a wide range of services.
Café Offers Refugees Respite and Welcome
The café in Messstetten, Germany is staffed by volunteers, many from area churches.
Farhan Othman holds 9-month old Mohammed as her husband Ahmade Alkalil holds 3-year old Suleiman in the countryside outside Messstetten, Germany. Refugees from Syria, they have applied for asylum in Germany and are awaiting word on the government's decision. Meanwhile, they live in a room in a former army barracks in Messstetten. PHOTO CREDITS: Photos by Paul Jeffrey
Refugees Await Fresh Start in Germany
At a former army barracks in the village of Messstetten, refugees share stories of peril and hope.
UMCOR and partner IOCC provide winterization items for Jordanians and Syrian refugee families.
Refugees Face Winter Chill in Jordan
UMCOR and partner IOCC provide winterization items for Jordanians and Syrian refugee families.
UMCOR and Partners Supply Basic Needs to Families in Syria and Iraq
UMCOR and partners provide relief to displaced families in Syria and Iraq due to the continuing crisis there.
Individual Volunteer Opportunities in the Middle East

Countries in the Middle East

Resource: Advocacy Packet for Use in Local Congregations (pdf)

  Middle East Advocacy Packet for Pace and Justice 2014
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