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Global Ministries started working in Mexico in the 1830s but more systematically in the 1870s. In 1930 the Methodist Church of Mexico (IMMAR) became autonomous, and in 1975, a Concordat Church. IMMAR currently has six annual conferences with approximately 80,000 members. Several Global Ministries missionaries work in country – one at the Methodist Seminary in Mexico City, one in Border Ministries in the North, and two in community ministries in the Southeast. Two Persons in Mission are supported among the Tarahumara Nation in Chihuahua and one National in Mission in Health Ministries in Reinosa. Currently, the priorities of Global Ministries include leadership development and community ministries.

The UMVIM movement is strong especially in the Border area. Some UM large membership congregations have recently started to become involved in economic and community development. Southwest Texas AC is particularly engaged in Mexico.

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