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Struggling to recover from a long civil war and economic instability, Guatemala is rebuilding and the National Evangelical Primitive Methodist Church of Guatemala (IENMPG) has been part of that growth. Global Ministries has been an active partner to IENMPG since 1976, when the organization sent humanitarian aid and teams to help this Central American country recover after a devastating earthquake in 1976.

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A commitment to health and peace programs is essential to the work of the IENMPG, and with support from Global Ministries, the Methodist church works to serve rural Mayan populations mired in poverty throughout the country. The church supports medical and dental clinics, health education, agricultural development for childhood nutrition, and better access to electricity, clean water, and basic social services. Global Ministries supports IENMPG’s dedication to spreading the message of Christ through children’s Sunday school and Vacation Bible School programs, and helping to create a library with Internet access at the John Wesley School in El Quiche.

Working with the World Council of Churches, Global Ministries helped establish the Methodist Bible Technical Maya Institute, which provides opportunities for Guatemalans for Bible, theological and pastoral studies as well as train in secular skills needed to rise up out of poverty. Though implementation of the technical courses has not met the original project goals, theological education has helped provide training for the growing number of lay and ordained pastors.

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