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Program Goal: The Health Systems Strengthening (HSS) program seeks to improve the quality of health services and increase access to mission hospitals in low resource settings.

Framework: To achieve this, the program uses the framework of the World Health Organization six health system strengthening building blocks to identify priority actions for health system strengthening support. These actions include

  • Improve and sustain human resources in health.
  • Encourage appropriate use of medicines and technologies.
  • Facilitate the establishment of sustainable financing systems and improved affordability of health services.
  • Support useof information systems to support evidence-based decision making.
  • Boost leadership and governance, including empowerment and accountability, in health service planning, delivery and evaluation.
  • Strengthen the physical infrastructure, operational capacity and sustainability of health facilities.

Implementation strategy: Global Ministries provides grants to implementing partners globally to support efforts related to priority actions list above. All support is expected to contribute to enhancing standard of care, always ensuring that the effort is a part of a larger strategy of community-based health education and development.

Priority populations:  Priority is given to health facilities that provide care to underserved communities and those that provide services to women, newborns and children under-five years of age.

2016  HSS Grants: For additional HSS program information please contact Dr. Graciela Salvador-Davila

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Contact Information

Graciela Salvador-Davila. MD. MS. MPH.
Health Systems Strengthening Manager