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In 1920, missionaries from the US-based Methodist Episcopal Church, South began their work in Czechoslovakia, organizing revival meetings, distributing Bibles and providing emergency services in the wake of World War I. The work led to the birth of the United Methodist Church in Czechoslovakia and the establishment of various congregations.

The rapid growth slowed though did not disappear even during the restrictions imposed under Communist rule. At the end of 1989, the political changes in Eastern Europe offered new opportunities for Christian service in the highly secularized society, and the UMC was soon establishing and growing new congregations.

The political separation of the country and founding of the Czech and Slovak Republics in 1993 did not separate the annual conference, though each country became a separate district. The church continues to offer services and help for the poor, drug addicts, prison inmates, single parents, the handicapped, and children.

The UMC in these countries has undergone structural adaptations, but is still organized as an annual conference with two districts.

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