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German missionaries brought the Methodist movement to the northern part of what is now Serbia in the Vojvodina region in the late 1890s. The church, which primarily serves the German-speaking people living in the area, did well until 1944 towards the end of World War II. The German-speaking population was deported or died in concentration camps, and since most of the pastors and members of the church were part of this ethnic group, many churches closed.

However, the work of the Methodists in Serbia continued, albeit under more difficult conditions. Though charitable and educational work was no longer allowed, new churches were founded among the Slovak-, Hungarian-, and Serbo-Croat-speaking population. The growth of the church was helped by the preaching and work of Bible Women.

In the wake of the political unrest, wars, emigration, and unemployment, the congregations of the United Methodist Church of Serbia have responded by caring for ethnic minorities such as the Roma people.

Global Ministries partners with the United Methodist Church in Serbia through active and continuing communication with the leaders. One National-in-Mission is serving in the country, and Global Ministries supports In Mission Together partnership programs between churches in Serbia and the rest of the world.

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