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Following the First World War, Methodist congregations were formed in various places in Poland as a result of the missionary and humanitarian efforts of the US-based Methodist Episcopal Church, South. In 1921 the Methodist Church in Poland was officially founded. Americans led the Church until the beginning of World War II, when local Methodists took over and guided the Church through the following decades. In 1945, the Methodist Church was officially recognized in Poland. This was followed by the period of Communist rule. Methodist buildings were confiscated and social institutions such as homes for children and the elderly were closed.

Thanks to the strong interest in missionary work in Poland and its eastern neighbors, the Church was in place to make a difference when the Communist regime fell. Though small, the Church has a strong presence on radio and TV, which frequently helps people who are searching for meaning to find their way to a congregation.

Today, the UMC in Poland owns various English-language schools, a theological seminary in Klarysew, and a youth hostel in Stare Juchy. In many congregations, the work with children, youth, and women is thriving, and social initiatives are manifest mainly in concrete, local projects.

Through active and continuing communications with the leaders of the United Methodist Church in Poland, Global Ministries is partnering through programs such as In Mission Together and through Advance projects.

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