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Mongolia Mission Initiative

The Mongolia Mission Initiative is centered in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar, where two center churches are located. These churches each have more than 200 members and serve local communities through outreach ministries, including after school and daycare programs, job training, detention center ministry, ministry to street people, and more. Both churches have raised local pastors who now serve churches in other areas.

The center church model works well and continues to be the strategy for growing the church in Mongolia. Over the next three years, the initiative will expand, adding at least two new churches a year. There are currently nine churches and pastors in Mongolia.

The mission initiative in Mongolia began as a hospice ministry in 2002, which continues to this day as it serves 40 terminally ill cancer patients at any given time. The ministry supports for patients and families, sharing the gospel when possible. Bishop Jeremiah J. Park of the Harrisburg Episcopal area provides episcopal oversight for the mission.


The traditional nomadic culture of Mongolia and the sparsely populated rural areas make ministry outside of Ulaanbaatar difficult.


Missionaries played multiple roles in Mongolia such as preacher, teacher, church planter, entrepreneur, healer, organizer, agronomist, and evangelist. View current missionaries serving in Mongolia on the right sidebar.

In Mission Together Partnerships

The In Mission Together coordinator provides training for U.S. churches to develop healthy partnerships as they move from short-term ministry to long-term relationships that build the capacity of the church in Mongolia. The coordinator also connects the church in the United States with ministry in Mongolia and assists with communication between the two. The In Mission Together coordinator for Mongolia is Karen Weiss (

Be Involved

For more information or to become involved please contact Myungim Kim, regional executive for Mongolia (, or you can give to the Mongolia Mission Initiative, Advance #00209A.

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