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Methodist mission work in Indonesia originated as an extension of mission in Singapore, which began in 1888. Today, Gereja Methodist Indonesia, the Methodist Church in Indonesia, is divided into two regions—the first is based in Medan, Sumatra; the second in Jakarta—each led by its own bishop.

The membership of Gereja Methodist Indonesia is 70 percent Batak and 20 percent Chinese, with the remaining 10 percent comprised of persons from other ethnic groups. As in many countries in Asia, the establishment of educational institutions has been a strong component of the mission in Indonesia.

In 1964, Gereja Methodist Indonesia became autonomous church but Global Ministries continues its partnership with this vital Christian community through World Communion scholarship grants, Advance projects, Individual Volunteers, networking and resourcing.


Missionaries in Indonesia

Nguwa, Brenda
Advance #3022121 - Brenda Vimbainashe Nguwa is a Global Mission Fellow of the United Methodist General Board of Global Ministries, engaged in a two-ye ...