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Learn more about Global Ministries’ work in Kenya, including news, events, and resources. Support projects and missionaries, volunteer, and more.

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Rev. Jim Monroe is Appointed CEO of Maua Methodist Hospital
Global Ministries’ individual volunteer is appointed acting CEO of Maua Methodist Hospital in Kenya.
Messages of Peace and Solidarity with Kenya and Pakistan
Thomas Kemper said, “We stand with all who are grieving and ask that God grant consolation, a spirit of forgiveness, and a sense of determination.”
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Easter Memories: Escaping the Commercial Trap
2012. As I am in the US for the first time in many years, I find myself longing for the simplicity of Maua, Kenya, during Easter time. There Easter ha ...
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Step Out! Become a Global Justice Volunteer or Summer Intern: United Methodist Opportunities for Young Adults
Applications due March 31, 2011 Young people are needed to live out their faith through social justice by interning and volunteering around the world ...
Children Learn About the World and Mission
The Children's Fund for Christian Mission is a creative way to harness children's natural enthusiasm for learning about and caring for one another and ...

Missionaries in Kenya

Guinkpa, David Paye
#15089Z - David Guinkpa is serving as the mission finance auditor for Central Africa, based in Nairobi, Kenya.
Sellu, Elmira
#14019Z - Regional Missionary with women, children and youth in Kampala, Uganda.