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National Plans

The General Board of Global Ministries administers four of The United Methodist Church's six ethnic/language ministry plans. These ministries are supported by general denominational funds.

The national ethnic plans are striving for unity within diversity. They aim to expand the ministry of The United Methodist Church in the United States in a way that doesn't compromise the ethnic and cultural context of each of the communities they serve.

The ethnic and language ministry plans are:

Asian American Language Ministry

Korean Ministry Plan

National Plan for Hispanic/Latino Ministry

Native American Comprehensive Plan

Pacific Islander National Plan

Strengthening the Black Church for the 21st Century

Global Ministries administers all of these plans except for “Strengthening the Black Church" and the "Native American Comprehensive Plan."

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The National Plans for Racial/Ethnic Ministries of the United Methodist Church from Hispanic/Latino Ministry Plan on Vimeo.

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