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The vision of the National Plan for Hispanic/Latino Ministry is based on the experience of the Holy Spirit's power on the day of Pentecost, of a "Church for all the Nations, where all can hear the mighty works of God in their own tongue" (Acts 2:8).

As a new reality is being born in our generation, the Lord of History brings together peoples of various cultures and traditions. It is within this larger context that The United Methodist Church began to consider its Hispanic/Latino ministries as more than an attempt to serve the rising Hispanic/Latino population of the US but instead as an opportunity to go above and beyond the call to faithfulness on the part of the entire church so that we may all join God's action in the creation and development of this new reality.

2017 image.pngIf we are to "reform the continent and spread Scriptural holiness," we must first respond faithfully to what God is doing in the land. We must eradicate racism and cultural chauvinism from our perspectives and rejoice in the future God is opening to us.

The National Plan strives for a dynamic and growing church, joyously sharing and living the Good News of Jesus Christ in a multiplicity of places, in a variety of cultural settings, reaching the Hispanic and Latino communities throughout the US and embracing their cultural richness and diversity. 

Module Trainings for New Congregational Development -

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Module I and II Trainings for Annual Conferences -

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Core Values

  • Holistic: Assists annual conferences in training leaders, mobilizing congregations, and starting new communities of faith among and with Hispanic/Latinos.
  • People-Centered: Strengthening the movement of God's people in mission and ministry through the intentional process of acompañamiento (accompaniment or walking with).
  • Connectional: Striving to strengthen connectional ties both through teaching and practice and by working in partnership with United Methodist program agencies, annual conferences, and trained lay/clergy leaders.
  • Resourceful: Believing that the people or "el pueblo" themselves are the best resource the church can count on, the NPHLM trains thousands of lay persons for Hispanic/Latino ministry.
  • Prophetic: Emphasizing the need for the institutional church to speak a prophetic word of justice and hope in the midst of the serious social concerns and realities affecting these communities.

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The National Plan for Hispanic/Latino Ministry of The United Methodist Church (pdf)

2015 National Consultation News

Read the article by the Rev. Francisco Cañas
March 12-14, 2015
Duke Divinity School, Durham NC.

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