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Asian American Language Ministry (AALM)

Asian American Language Ministry (AALM) is one of the General Conference Initiatives on Ethnic Ministries.

Beginning in 1996 by the action of General Conference, AALM has been serving as an important resource for developing new ministries as well as strengthening existing ones in the Asian American community. AALM provides critical funding, technical assistance, and consultation needed to reach out to the Asian American population in the United States.

Asian American Language Ministry represents:

  • 12 Asian American sub-ethnic groups with 15 different languages.

  • Immigrants, refugees, and undocumented people from Cambodia, China, Philippines, Formosa/Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Laos, South Asia, Vietnam, Pakistan, Hmong and middle eastern.

  • Second, third, and fourth generation Asian Americans who have had to confront many of the obstacles raised by society.

Areas of Ministry and Goals for 2017-2020

  1. Development of New Congregations
    • Work cooperatively to develop new congregations in consultation with annual conferences and districts and 12 sub-ethnic national caucuses.
  2. Recruitment and Training of Pastoral and Lay Leadership
    • Develop language friendly and culturally appropriate lay leadership training program.
    • Provide Local Pastor Licensing courses in specific Asian languages to equip pastors for ministry with their language group.
    • Equip and encourage next generation leadership by dealing with current realities such as discrimination, generational conflicts, cultural understandings, and living in a multicultural, multiracial society.
  3. Development of Community Ministries
    • Develop programs and services to better serve immigrants within their communities, such as legal services, immigration/citizenship education, English as a Second Language classes, ministries with the poor (housing, employment, social services), and faith-based community centers.
  4. Development of Language Resources and Materials
    • Develop relevant resources, culturally sensitive written materials, as well as audio-visual resources in the areas of evangelism, Christian education, leadership development, stewardship, and worship.


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2016 Directory of Asian American & Pacific Islander UMCs and Clergy

Download a pdf of the new directory.


Congregational Development – Leadership Development – Community/Outreach Ministry – Language Resource Development

Core Values:

  • Every member of the body of Christ is important and equal in the eyes of God.
  • The diverse nature of the Church and the Kingdom of God as experienced on the first Pentecost.
  • Unity between Asian community and the general church.
  • A vibrancy of the witness in Asian-Americans’ deepened participation in the church’s total ministry.


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