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Mission Volunteer Opportunities: USA


Location: Alabama Rural Ministry in Opelika.  
Position: Outreach and Social Justice Coordinator 
Duration: Six months to two years
Estimated monthly living expenses:  Housing and ground transportation are provided.  $350 for meals

Work description:  To coordinate with the Alabama Rural Ministry Director of Ministry Operations and construction supervisor in hosting volunteer home repair teams; to conduct volunteer training in local churches and ARM partner communities.; assist with overall communication and promotion of home repair and other ARM events; attend advocacy workshops and help communicate principles to families receiving home reapair.


Location #1: Ketchikan Hostel  
Position: Hostel Manager
Duration: Twelve weeks
Estimated monthly living expenses:  A private room is provided.  Plan on $200 for meals.

Work description:  Ketchikan is an island community located along the southeast coastline of Alaska.  During the summer months Ketchican welcomes vistors from around the world who come by air, cruise lines and ferry to enjoy the island's diverse activities:  hiking, fishing, camping, work, play and natural history.  For the past thirty-eight years the United Methodist Church has had a ministry of hospitality to hostelers.  The hostel is open from Memorial Day through Labor Day.The hostel manager is the face of the United Methodist Church to travelers in need of lodging. The volunteer will welcome the guests and orientate them, answer the telephone and respond to emails, receive payments from hostelers and maintain a receipt ledger, make deposits for refunds, ensure the cleanliness of the dormitories and public spaces, and maintain the linens.

Location #2: Birchwood Camp, Chugiak, Alaska 
Position: Camp Volunteer
Duration: Two months and up
Estimated monthly living expenses:  A private room is provided.  Plan on $250 for meals.

Work description:  Birchwood Camp is a year-round camp and retreat center about 30 miles north of Anchorage. A place of tranquility, the Camp exists to provide others with an experience of Christian love. The Camp Volunteer/s are responsible for hosting the guest groups and campers, assist in overall camp operation, and some office work. Qualified candidates would have excellent hospitality skills, able to ensure that guests feel welcomed and comfortable during their stay.


Location: Opening Doors, Inc. (ODI) in Sacramento.  
Position: Volunteer and Outreach Coordinator.
Duration: One to two years.
Estimated monthly living expenses:  Housing costs range from $450-$700 a month depending on accommodations.  Ground transportation expense is $200; meals are $200; and utilities/phone/internet costs are $150.  The average total monthly cost is $1150.

Work description:  The volunteer will help lead ODI's efforts to engage the Sacramento community in refugee resettlement.  Responsibilities include recruiting, training, and managing volunteers; managing ODI's in-kind donations program; and fund raising non-restricted monies in support of ODI's mission.  The volunteer will assist refugees via airport pick-up, provide cultural orientation, conduct home visits, and assist with social security and welfare benefits applications. Particular emphasis will be placed on being the contact point for the local faith community, and helping to develop a range of meaningful ways to engage congregations in resettlement activities. 


Location #1: Christian Appalachian Project in Mount Vernon. 
Position: Several volunteer positions are available in the following programs:  Child and Family Development, Disaster Relief, Domestic Abuse Centers, Camp Andrew Jackson and Camp Shawnee, and Elderly Casework and Elderly Housing
Duration: One year
Estimated monthly living expenses:  All meals and housing are provided.

Work description:   Dependent on program. The ministry is an interdenominational, non-profit Christian organization committed to serving people in need in Appalachia by providing physical, spiritual and emotional support through a wide variety of programs and services.  The volunteers live in six volunteer houses in Rockcastle, McCreary, Jackson, Floyd and Johnson Counties in Eastern Kentucky.

Location #2: Kentucky Refugee Ministries in Louisville. 
Position: Volunteer Coordinator Assistant

Duration: One year 
Estimated monthly living expenses:  $560, which includes shared housing, meals and transportation. 

Work description:   The mission of Kentucky Refugee Ministries (KFM) is to provide resettlement services through faith and agency-based co-sponsorships to promote the self-sufficiency and successful integration of refugees into our community.  KRM is committed to helping refugees access community resources and opportunities while fostering awareness of the contributions and benefits refugees bring to our community.  Refugees are victims of warfare and other forms of persecution because of their religious or political beliefs. They are often victims of physical and emotional trauma, as people who have lost homes and families; yet they also arrive with great hope to finally live in peace and freedom. The agency serves about 1300 new refugees each year.The volunteer will assist the KRM's volunteer coordinator with the recruitment and coordination of volunteers.  KRM works with approximately 500 volunteers per year.  This position will include assisting with facilitating volunteer orientation, outreach efforts in the community, communicating with staff and volunteers, and reporting on volunteer activities. 


Location: God's Country Cooperative Parish, Newberry, Michigan 

Position: UMVIM Team Coordinator
Duration: Two months
Estimated monthly living expenses:  $200 plus cost of housing, depending on resources 

Work description:   God's Country Cooperative Parish hosts VIM teams from all over the US. We serve seven churches in our parish by working on homes, community development, summer children's programming, and a swim bus. The UMVIM Team Coordinator will help work with the home ministry, supervise other volunteers, and various administrative duties over the course of the program. 



Location: Delta Grace, Sunflower United Methodist Church, Mississippi Annual Conference. 
Position: Volunteer Coordinator
Duration: May through September
Estimated monthly living expenses:  Most expenses are covered by the placement site.

Work description Delta Grace is a year-round mission hub in the poverty stricken area of the Mississippi Delta. The purpose is to match mission teams with mission work within an hour radius of the hub. There are approximately 200 projects that need various repairs.  The volunteer will direct volunteer teams as they serve in the Mississippi Delta.  The volunteer will work directly with the Project Manager and Director of Delta Grace and be responsible for welcoming, guiding, and overseeing mission teams.


Location: Camp on the Boulder in McLeod.
Position: Kitchen Manager or Lead cooks (2)
Duration: Two to three months (summer only)
Estimated monthly living expenses:  Housing and meals are provided 
Work description: The center hosts many different organizations during the summer such as AA groups, Hemophilia Association, women's support groups, family reunions, youth mission groups, mission team, family reunions, Methodist training conferences, and college freshman orientation. Lead cook is responsible for planning and preparing creative menus and meals for the varied guests, numbering from 30 to 300. These include diabetics, vegans, gluten free, etc.  The menus vary based on the type of groups that are being serviced and the center avoids serving the typical camp style food.  The volunteer is required to have some commercial kitchen experience.


Location: McCurdy School in Espanola.   The age requirement for all volunteers is twenty-one.
Position #1:  Before and After School Ministry Director at McCurdy School

Duration: Nine (9) months beginning in August.
Estimated monthly expenses:  Housing is provided, as well as most meals in the summer.

Work description:  The volunteer will assist the Director of McCurdy Ministries in planning and implementing the program for K-8 grade McCurdy Charter School students.  Activities will include homework assistance, tutoring, art, play, snacks, fun and some learning opportunities.  The volunteer will also supervise two staff persons.

Position #2: Counselor at McCurdy School
Duration:  Nine (9) months beginning in August.
Estimated monthly living expenses:   Housing is provided as well as most meals in the summer.

Work description:  To manage Project Carino, a mental health program for nearly 600 students in the McCurdy Charter School.  The program includes the Big Buddy/Little Buddy program, assemblies on bullying, drug abuse, date violence and parenting classes.  A counseling degree or license is required.

Position #3: Director of Digital Arts Ministries at McCurdy School
Duration: Nine (9) months beginning in August.
Estimated monthly living expenses:  Housing is provided as well as most meals in the summer.

Work description:  Responsibilities include providing chapel and devotional ministries for the McCurdy Charter School students.  The volunteer will help recruit students and lead a production of digital dramas, person on the street interviews , and do power points and art installations.  The volunteer will work with other personnel and a student leadership group to plan exciting chapel and devotional ministries for elementary, middle school and senior high students.  Also included is assisting volunteer-in-mission groups with worship.

Position #4: Director of Music Ministries at McCurdy School
Duration: Nine (9) months beginning in August.
Estimated monthly living expenses:  Housing is provided, as well as most meals in the summer.

Work description:   The volunteer will help to recruit students and lead a praise band, choral groups and individual musicians interested in guitar, piano, voice and instrument lessons.  The volunteer director will work with other McCurdy Ministries personnel and a student leadership group to plan exciting chapel and devotional ministries for the elementary, middle school and senior high students.  K-12 music certification as a teacher would be a plus.

Position #5: Director of Teen Ministries at McCurdy School
Duration: Nine (9) months beginning in August.
Estimated monthly living expenses:  Housing is provided, as well as most meals in the summer.

Work description:   In preparation for McCurdy Ministries’ opening of a teen center, the volunteer director will start and coordinate a youth ministry that will include faith building, mission, socials, service and fun activities.  Students in the ministry program will be required to complete service learning hours. The volunteer must have a deep love for God and a desire to share that love with the teens in the community.  


Location: Hayesville
Position:   Volunteer Mission Program Coordinator at the Hinton Rural Life Center (RV)
Duration: Three months to two years
Estimated monthly living expenses: $200.  Housing and most meals are provided.
Work description:  The ministry focuses on self-help affordable housing, program ministries, and retreat operations, and volunteer missions.  The volunteer will be responsible for facilitating the summer volunteer mission program.  Additional responsibilities include checking in guests , light maintenance, office duties, and logistical details for programs and retreats.


Location #1: Athens, Ohio. Good Works, Inc.
Position: Appalachian Immersion Intern Duration: Four (4) to nine (9) months
Estimated monthly living expenses:  Housing is provided at no cost.  Most meals are provided.  Plan on $50 for meals.

Work description:

They are seeking volunteers to participate in their 4-9 month Appalachian Immersion Internship.  The internship is focused on discipleship and leadership development. In the context of Christian community, interns serve and build relationships with people who are without homes, children experiencing poverty, and those who are widowed or have physical disability. Interns are provided pastoral care, discipleship training, mentoring, and weekly education times on topics such as God's concern for people in poverty, Appalachian culture, and Christian spiritual disciplines. 


Location #2: Cleveland, Ohio - The Nehemiah Mission
Position: Summer Team Coordinator Assistant
Duration: 11 weeks
Estimated monthly living expenses:  $150 with housing and some meals provided. 

Work description: 
The Nehemiah Mission of Cleveland rebuilds the lives and homes of the physically and fiscally challenged of Cleveland through volunteer mission teams who improve living environments in order to sow seeds of hope for individuals and neighborhoods. These teams (UMVIM ) visit from all over the U. S. They are housed and fed at the mission site and work is directed by the mission staff. The Summer Team Coordinator will assist these teams during their time of service at the Mission and in the community.

Location #3: Steubenville, Ohio - The JOSHUA Program of Urban Mission Ministries
Position:  Construction Director or Volunteer Coordinator
Duration: 3-4 months beginning in May/June
Estimated monthly living expenses:  $200 with housing and some meals provided.

Work description:
 The JOSHUA Program is a summer service program focused on community revitalization. During the summer, volunteer groups come each week to do home repair projects for low income or elderly residents in the area. The Construction Director should have a background or experience in construction work and planning work projects. The Volunteer Coordinator will assist the Construction Director with applications and communication with homeowners, as well as act as host for volunteer teams.




Location: Cookson Hills Center in Cookson. The Center is in ministry with the low income people of Cherokee, Adair, and Sequoyah Counties of Eastern Oklahoma.
Position: Program Coordinator.

Duration: At least one year.
Estimated monthly living expenses:  $200, which includes housing, meals and ground transportation.

Work description:  The volunteer will plan and implement health and healthy living programs through the Health Resource Center.  The center is focused on providing space for local agencies to come and provide services such as blood sugar testing and dental check-ups.  Also included in the responsibilities are field trips for the senior citizens.


Location: SC Conference, Columbia
Position: Construction Coordinator.
Duration: Two to twelve months.
Estimated monthly living expenses:  $800, which includes housing, meals and ground transportation.

Work description:  In October of 2015, thousands of families were affected by floods. The Construction Coordinator will plan, implement, and oversee construction efforts at specific work sites, including volunteer team assignments. They will work closely with the incoming volunteers to insure a safe and efficient approach to meeting the needs of both clients and volunteers.


Location: Reelfoot Rural Ministries in Obion.
Position: Community Services Assistant.
Duration: Two months to one year.
Estimated monthly living expenses:  Housing, meals, and transportation are provided.
Work description: Responsibilities may include aiding in all areas of the ministry, including community services and the work camp program. The volunteer will be the liaison between RRM and volunteers. In the fall and winter season, work will be primarily with the back to school program, food bank, and toy store ministry. In spring, summer, and early fall, the need is focused on home rehabilitation and work camp ministry, along with some maintenance of facilities.


Location: Refugee Services of Texas, Inc.   There are offices in Amarillo, Austin, Dallas, Ft. Worth, and Houston. 
Position: Service Center Directors
Duration: Three to six months.
Estimated monthly living expenses:  The volunteer is responsible for his/her housing, meals and transportation.  The cost depends on the area of Texas.

Work description:  The volunteer will be responsible for directing the case managements for refugees who come from Bhutan, Burma, Eritrea, Iraq, Iran, Somali, Congo, Rwanda and Cuba.  Responsibilities include clerical work, mentoring, meeting refugees at the airport, and assisting them in acclimating to the environment.


Location #1: Church World Service in Harrisonburg.
Position: Refugee Resettlement Services Associate Duration: Four months to a year
Estimated monthly living expenses:  $1000.00 which includes housing.  Volunteer prepares own meals and will budget accordingly.

Work description:  Harrisonburg resettles around 200 refugees and 100 Cuban parolees each year. The volunteer will minister to recently arrived refugees in areas of providing services such as housing, ESL tutoring, cultural orientation, assistance with transportation to appointments, etc. 

Location #2: Church World Service in Richmond. 
Position: Community Outreach Coordinator
Duration: Six months to a year.
Estimated monthly living expenses:  $750, which includes housing.  Volunteer prepares own meals and will budget accordingly.

Work description:  The volunteer will launch a campaign to enlighten the local faith community and churches about refugee resettlement, including contacting local churches and faith groups, making presentations, recruiting additional church co-sponsors, and helping to recruit additional volunteers.  


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